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CKU 2 Kluczbork


CKU 2 Kluczbork


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ul.Byczyńska 7
46-200 Kluczbork
77 418 2600

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"The most professional school in our town"

Our school has a long tradition - in existence since 1946.

After more than 70 years, we educate at nearly 50 directions, we have modern,

well-equipped workshops and we still continue to develop a network of cooperation with companies and employers not only from Kluczbork but throughout all the country.

Depending on the needs of the labor market we modify our educational offer organizing attractive and necessary directions of education. We adjust to the needs of employers.

Currently, we are offering education:

·        The heroes of Wester Platte Technical School Number 2  

a construction technician, an automotive electrician with firefighting training,

a mechatronic, a rail transport technician


            • Basic Vocational School - we educate professionals’ boys and girls in 5 branches: construction, electrical, mechanical, automotive and retail branch, among others in such professions as:

a tinsmith, a concrete worker-fixer, a carpenter, a baker, a roofer, an electro-mechanics , an electrician, a hairdresser, a painter, a mason, a chimney sweep, a  machines mechanic of a road equipment, a mechanic-operator of vehicles and a farm machinery mechanic, a motorcycle mechanic, a fitter of machinery and equipment, a car mechanic, an installation and sanitation  fitter,   a mechatronics fitter, a fitter of building works and finishing in construction, a mason-plasterer, an operator of machine tools, an operator of devices of the chemical industry, a baker, a salesman, a carpenter, a locksmith, an upholsterer,

a watchmaker, a goldsmith and other proffesions, according to the professional classification.




·        The Secondary School for Adults - gives the opportunity to get secondary education.



·        The Secondary School Number 2 for Adults in professions:


a technician of road transport, a computer programmer, a career.

In our offer we also have a Professional Qualification Courses (LCO) in 5 branches including such occupations as:

an electrician, an electrical engineer, an electrical engineer of vehicles

- a machinery and devices fitter, a car mechanic, a mason-plasterer,

an operator

- a mechanic of cutting tools, a salesman, a locksmith, a construction technician, an electrical technician,

-technicians: a trader, a car mechanic


Our school is also the Centre for Continuing Education (CKU) which allows

Conduct KKS courses in any profession. CKU is also an exam center in

all qualifications taught in school.

At the request of employers, individuals our school is ready to conduct commercial courses that provide qualifications for forklift operators and in terms of gas and electric welding using various methods.

Studying in all types of schools and doing different courses is totally free of charge.

We guarantee:

• a modern education;

• practical training in school workshops : construction and retail ones, CNC

(Numerically Controlled Machines) and automotive workshops. (The last one is under the auspices of Peugeot Company)

·        practical classes for rail technicians

·        the opportunity to undergo training in charge of 150 reputable employers;

·        monthly scholarships: from 3.5 average ratings ranging from 300 to 950 zł;

·        accommodation in dormitory with half board;

·        developing interests and the opportunity to participate in numerous competitions and projects

·        educational and subject competitions;

·        international exchanges and cooperation with universities;

·        free courses: a fork lift course (for students of building) and driving courses

Cat. B (for students of technical school)

We believe that a practice and good cooperation is essential. Therefore, we focus on practical preparation, both at school and at apprenticeship places.
In school laboratories of practical exercises students can acquire such skills as: milling, hardening, grinding: gas and electric welding using various techniques, rolling, forging: metalwork and installation, repairing of electrical equipment. Students learn how to do electrical installation including diagnosis and troubleshooting in vehicles. They are familiar with repairing vehicles.
Recently, we also have a laboratory for technical construction. Here students examine, among others, frost resistance and durability of concrete. They can use a building materials dryer, bath a laboratory and Vicat Apparatus. Their standard is similar to the one of the lab of the University of Technology in Opole.
We cooperate with many companies and professionals in the local market and beyond. Among our partners were the largest and fastest growing plants:  PKP PLK, PKP Cargo Tabor, Siegienia-Aubi Sp. o.o., Protea Sp. o.o., Furniture Factory Ropez, in which our students can take classes and practical work experience.
 We have signed contracts with many of them and letters of intent for cooperation or acquisition of our graduates. To this group belong: P.V. Prefabet SA, PKS Kluczbork, Opole Peugeot, Citroen, PKP PLK, Netecs Sp. o.o., Nestro Sp. o.o., Protea Sp. o.o., Siegienia-Aubi Sp. o.o.
Years of observation have shown that our graduates have no problems with employment after completion of education in our school. They are sought and needed in the labor market specialists.
The decision is yours!


We are inviting you to the most vocational school in our town!

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